Universal Translators

The many variations on Universal Translators


Translator Module:

Cost: 2000 Credits

A single translator module, covers one spacial region. Worn in the ear this can be anything, a technological ear piece, an intergalactic fish that feeds off of your latent brainwaves, or even a magic crystal powered by the souls of your ancestors.


Additional Region: Additionally covers another spacial region.
Cost: 500 Credits

Literacy Module: Will additionally cover read language.
Cost: 1500 Credits

Bonding Module: Will physiologically bond with it’s user. Cannot be removed by anyone other than the wearer without a special tool.
Cost: 1500 Credits

Embedded Module: The Module is implanted on the language center of the brain of the creature. This allows the user to respond verbally to someone else in their language, even without normally speaking it.
Cost: 3000 Credts


Universal Translators

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