Mech Rules and Listing

A listing of the Mech rules, costs, and examples.



Mech’s only have 4 Characteristics that determine their uses:





HP, Damage modifier, and Carrying capacity are all determined as if building a character.

The way this differs is that points are bought instead of rolled.

The way cost is determined is by subtracting the base value from the amount you want to add, then multiplying by 4000.

Base Values:

Base values are the starting value for any mech. They cannot be lowered from this, only raised.

Str: 10

Size: 20

Con: 20

Dex: 10

Movement Rate: Movement Rate for Mechs is determined by dividing the Dex score by 2.
This can be additionally modified by modules added to the Mech.

Armor: All Mechs have a base Armor value of 1 for all their locations. This can be additionally modified by modules.

Piloting: In order to pilot a Mech it must have a Pilot’s Cockpit, and you must have the Professional Skill Pilot (Mech) or you will be using the base skill characteristics at a difficulty grade of Very Hard. A pilot check is only necessary when piloting a mech for the first time, or trying to complete a particularly difficult action.

Pilot: The pilot is considered to have full cover from the mech, and can only be attacked by weapons that can completely bypass cover.

Price: the base price of a mech is 10,000 Credits.

By default the base mech is just body, and comes with a basic form of locomotion, usually 2 legs.


Modules are any additions to the Mech, including weapons, armor, various cockpits, or specialty modules, like jump jets.

Each module has a cost, and enc and calculates any strike rank penalties from this as if it were armor.

Below are the currently available modules:

Basic Pilot Cockpit:
Cost: 8000 Credits
Enc: 4
Description: The bare minimum necessary to allow a humanoid pilot to control the Mech.

Basic AI Cockpit:
Cost: 10,000 Credits
Enc: 4
Description: This allows a computer module to pilot the Mech.

Basic Gunner Cockpit:
Cost: 8000 Credits
Enc: 4
Description: This is an additional cockpit for someone to make use of the weapons, or other modules while the pilot controls the movement.

Basic Mech Arm:
Cost: 12,000 Credits
Enc: 2
Description: This a single arm with a very basic grasping mount on it.
Basic Grasping Mount: A single two piece hydraulic claw, usually used for moving large pallets or boxes.

Advanced Grasping Hand:
Cost: 8000 Credits
Enc: 1
Description: This is an articulated hand that can replace the basic grasping mount. It is made to be a five fingered hand similar to a humans hand.

Scaled Weapon:
Cost: 1000 * Weapons Cost Credits
Enc: Weapon Enc * 5
Description: Most weapons can be scaled to be fitted for a mech of any size. These weapons can be attached, or holstered and pulled by a grasping hand.

Jump Jet:
Cost: 16.000 Credits
Enc: 6
Description: This increases the Dex of the Mech by 4. This also allows the mech to jump 10 meters in the air. This can be taken multiple times, but every time after the first only increases the Dex by 1 and adds 2 meters to the jump height.


Mech Rules and Listing

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